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Travis the Macnificient [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Travis Macmillan

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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2004|01:59 am]
Travis Macmillan
[Current Mood |tiredtired]

Well, the first month of my final year here has come and gone. I am kept busy with quidditch, prefect duties, and more homework than I thought was possible.

Quidditch trials for Hufflepuff were held last week, and I believe we have a promising team this year. Miranda is back as Seeker, we have 2 new Chasers and a new Beater. A very promising team indeed.

And I must say that there is not enough coffee.

And did I mention that Audry is the best ever?
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(no subject) [Sep. 2nd, 2004|04:00 am]
Travis Macmillan
Well, I made it school alright. It was ackward not to sit with Frank on the train on the way here.

It's amasing we even made it in time. We had to wait on Diana, and she ran late. How can you be unorganised when you're stayng at the LC and are already packed?

The train ride was uneventful. James is Head Boy and Lily is Head girl, in case someone didn't know. I only had to intervine on one tift, which was better than last year.

The Welcome Feast was as splended as ever. There is now a new group of Hufflepuffs and I had the privaledge to welcome them to our House.

Now it is time to settle in and get ready for my final year. I do hope that taking 8 classes isn't too much... I have to take 8 NEWTs. I do hope there's enough coffee to last the year...
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(no subject) [Aug. 31st, 2004|12:42 am]
Travis Macmillan
[Current Mood |excitedexcited]

Well, I'm all packed and ready to start my final year at Hogwarts! I'll be heading down to the LC with me lil sis tomorrow so we can catch the Hogwarts Express.

But here is my question: Why must I travel to London only to come back up to Scotland? I can just as easily apparate to Hogsmeade if I wanted to. But, alas, I have to accompany my sis and do the prefect thing on the train.

At least I get to be quidditch captain!
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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2004|08:07 pm]
Travis Macmillan
[Current Mood |boredbored]

I'm bored.

Frank, perhaps we could meet up one day?

Miranda? Do you have any plans?
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(no subject) [Jul. 16th, 2004|11:04 pm]
Travis Macmillan
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

I passed! My da took me to my apparation test earlier today... and I passed! Now I can go as I please!

America was fun, though the people over there are a bit off.

Who should I visit first?!? Audery is on holiday still >_<
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(no subject) [Jul. 6th, 2004|09:48 pm]
Travis Macmillan
Greetings from America! I am in Boston, Massachusettes, and have been here for a few weeks. There's a lot of historical stuff here, and it irks me wth some of the anti-British propaganda that goes along with their Revolutionary memories. I did attend a concert yesterday (it was a muggle one). It was their Independence Day celebration. I was able to see the Boston Pops, and they were really good! Lots o' muggles went to it, and I think I was able to fit in! I've also been studying for my apparation test. My folks say I can take my test when I return home.

I hope everything is well in Britain!

And congrats Frank on your test! Any pointers for your best mate?
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2004|06:13 am]
Travis Macmillan
[Current Mood |busybusy]

Well, I found my journal. It was burried under the huge stack of books that currently occupies my corner of the dormitory. Exams are coming up soon, and I've noticed quite a few seventh years are starting to become twitchy. My advice for you blokes: Sleep more and drink less coffee.

On another note, I had fun playing quidditch last weekend, and I'm looking forward to the next pick-up-match.
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(no subject) [May. 17th, 2004|05:00 am]
Travis Macmillan
[Current Mood |cheerfulcheerful]

Happy Birthday Hestia! I do hope you found that parcel by the foot of your bed?
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(no subject) [May. 14th, 2004|01:26 am]
Travis Macmillan
[Current Mood |blahblah]

Sometimes I wonder why I wasn't sorted into Ravenclaw. I think I've spent more time in the library this past week than all the Ravenclaws combined. I need to find something else to do with my free time.
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(no subject) [May. 1st, 2004|09:21 am]
Travis Macmillan
[Current Mood |apatheticapathetic]

Well, the quidditch season is over for me, and has been for a week now. My hand is still sore, but my wrist is better at least. At least it is well enough to carry stacks of books for all my homework. Well, off to do some more studying. If you need me for anything, you can find me in my usual spot in the library.
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